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Excellent Emotion Code Practioner. I could actually feel layers of trapped emotions being removed, lifting me up and changing my focus on future and past situations. Where we need to be in our lives is sometimes inhibited by past emotions that we are either aware of or not. Removing these are liberating

Howard Phillips

Just wanted to send you a quick message/ testimonial - I can feel myself healing - regenerating! I feel more alive than I have in years-I am clear- I am able see things for what they really are. I literally feel myself releasing negative thought patterns allowing things and thoughts that do not serve me to leave and be gone. My classroom is lighter, my breathing is fuller and deeper! I was so ready to receive and I see and feel goodness, healing, grace and mercy washing over me! I am such a visual person- I have gone back and hugged my 13 year old self a few times but even more than that, I have other times in my life I needed so desperately to be affirmed that now I know I can go back and tell myself I am loved, and honored and whole! Beyond grateful! Oh and I am seven chapters in to feelings buried alive never die- its so interesting. Meeting you has been a God thing for real! Can't thank you enough!


After reading the Emotion Code, a friend suggested that I visit with Deana. I have had 5 sessions and each one has helped me so much! Certain physical ailments have diminished and as I continue, my personal well being, attitude and emotional tendencies are improving! Deana is wonderful to work with and I have already recommended her to several people! Such a wonderful experience!


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